What Are The Different Types Of Roof Linings/Underlay?

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13 October
Oct 13
13th October 2021

If your conservatory is unused during the winter months because it’s persistently too cold to enjoy, a solid roof underlay from Harveys Windows is the answer. Our contemporary solid roof linings and underlays not only help to keep your conservatory warm during cooler weather, but they can prevent the temperature from soaring in summer, so your family can make full use of the room throughout the year. With our multi-layered roof design, which features a breathable roofing underlay, we guaran...

What Is An Orangery?

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6 October
Oct 6
6th October 2021

When homeowners need to create more living space, but don’t fancy the expense, stress, and inconvenience of moving home or building a full extension, many invest in a conservatory. Few realise, however, that a conservatory isn’t the only affordable option for creating more space in the home. Orangeries, once the preserve of stately homes set amid rolling countryside, are becoming an increasingly popular choice, made more possible by the relaxation in recent years of planning laws.  What...

Double Glazing Vs Triple Glazing – Which Should You Choose And Why?

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28 September
Sep 28
28th September 2021

   You're probably aware that, as the name suggests, double glazing is constructed with two panes of glass and triple glazing with three. This makes triple glazed windows more secure, more sound-proof, and more energy-efficient, although more expensive. Is the additional expense worth it or are you better off sticking with double glazing?  In this article, we take a look at the benefits of triple glazing compared to double glazing. How Energy Efficient Is Triple Glazing? One of the main re...

The Benefits Of Triple Glazing: Is It Worth It?

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15 September
Sep 15
15th September 2021

Traditionally, triple-glazed windows have been the go-to for homeowners blighted by excessive noise from overhead flight paths and nearby motorways. However, while exceptional sound insulation is, of course, one of the many benefits of triple glazing, there are other compelling reasons why homeowners should consider upgrading their windows – whatever the noise level in their neighbourhood. Triple glazing may add some extra to the cost of new windows, so it’s important to consider the quest...

Tilt And Turn Windows Vs Casement Windows – What Are The Main Differences?

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8 September
Sep 8
8th September 2021

Are you replacing your windows and not sure what style to choose? In this article, we take a look at the differences between two of the most popular types: casement windows and tilt and turn windows. What Is A Casement Window? A casement window is a very versatile style that can be configured in a variety of ways. Casement windows can be hinged at the top to open outwards or have side hinges so that they can open outwards, either to the right or the left. Pros Of Casement Windows • Ca...

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