UPVC Casement Windows

Installation of good quality double glazed windows is a good idea for several reasons:


It will improve the saleability of your house.


The new technology gives excellent protection against the elements, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer – and really helping to minimise those ever increasing fuel bills.


New style windows offer much better levels of security with police backed initiatives to endorse approved products.


FENSA regulated requirements set standards for fire escape and ventilation, so you know you will have the most up to date and safest of designs.


Harveys Windows offer a great looking fully sculptured window system that offers the best of all worlds. The highly insulating virtually maintenance free upvc product can be bespoke designed to suit your property and your preferences.


Our bead gasket sits at a low sight line – avoiding an unsightly black rim around the glass, and the glass we use is of a ´low e´ type (legally required) with a new style ´Warm edge´ spacer bar. The new warm edge type of spacer bar that we use enhances the heat performance of your windows (950 times less conductive than aluminium systems), and is also 70% better at reducing condensation on your windows. It is also more effective at cutting down on noise levels. Our advice – make sure you ask for the new style spacer bar.


Since October 2010 it has been a legal requirement for any replacement windows to achieve a minimum energy rating. Our windows and quality systems have been tested and approved to achieve an A rating. Please Click Here to see more Technical Information.


These windows can also be provided in a range of coloured and wood grain effect finishes, all of which are fully guaranteed for 10 years.

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